Debt Collection

Guarantee your success in the complex and highly competitive accounts receivable management industry with [Learn more]

BFrame Recovery Management System

The BFrame Data Systems debt Recovery Management System is a browser-based collection management system designed to provide the most powerful and user-friendly collection and recovery system in the market today. Based on 90 years of collections software development experience, the BFrame solution can be implemented on-site for large scale call center environments, or hosted in the BFrame data center for smaller de... [Learn more]

Bill Collector in a Box

All in one collection solution for small business. [Learn more]

Billing & Collections

Collect in a fraction of the time it would take using agents and dialers and direct mail and for a fraction of the cost. [Learn more]

Billing System

DTH Software supplies a core system with all the modules necessary to handle common billing scenarios. This is a one-time cost with no subscription fees. Some of the core modules include recurring billing, consumption billing, metered billing, web portals, invoicing, penalty calculation, collections processing, deposit handling, deposit interest calculation, and much more. For a monthly fee we will host the system... [Learn more]