Data Visualization

Drive Cloner Rx

Drive Cloner Rx can create a complete clone of your PC's hard drive and enable you to easily restore the entire PC in the event of a virus attack or malicious system failure. Drive Cloner Rx's unique hard drive imaging technology is a quick and easy way to create a full bare metal image of your PC. So, whenever you experience any system disaster such as a failed hard drive; you can easily restore your workstatio... [Learn more]

Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard is a powerful, extensible digital dashboard software platform, used to quickly create business, performance, information, analytical and KPI dashboards. Dundas also offers expert dashboard consulting services for those organizations that do not have the in-house expertise available to build their data visualization solution. Let us help you visualize all your data so that you can make fast, effi... [Learn more]

Enterprise Reporting

Information Delivery solution for generating, managing and securely delivering reports via the Web. [Learn more]

Excel Chart Animation

Create animated charts in Excel with high level of customization. pie-charts, bar graphs, line charts, etc.. Insert many animated charts in the same data sheet; Move charts in other data sheet; Customize data for your animated chart; Customize animations speed; Modify animation range (from the data row where the animation starts to the end of it) [Learn more]

Geanium the Timeline Tool

A powerful editting tool which creates compelling interactive timeline based media such as history, science and arts. [Learn more]