Data Storage

Agile Data Suite

Data integration and management application that enables enterprise-standardized data usage. [Learn more]

Aleri Streaming Platform

Allows financial institutions to quickly and cost-effectively build applications that leverage streaming data. [Learn more]


ARC is a business intelligence solution tailored to the needs of retail stores. ARC answers questions store managers, merchandisers and line of business managers have relating to store operations. Analysis in ARC is set in the business context of retailing - KPIs are structured as per retail best practices such as a seamless transition of analysis from store to merchandise dimensions. [Learn more]

Automated Data Analysis

Eliminate months of work, profile your data and create a Data Warehouse Dimensional Model in days - guaranteed! This professional Data Profiling tool not only delivers the most meaningful analysis of your database structure and content, but tells you what purpose your data attributes are best suited for in a Data Warehouse Dimensional Model by providing a 'weighted' Dimension and/or Fact usability analysis. Ca... [Learn more]


CampaignRunner comes with a visual ETL tool. It encapsulates common operations as decision elements. Complex ETL processes are then modeled in one or more decision trees. CampaignRunner turns enterprise data sources instantly into a Federated Database environment, and it supports distributed Query Processing. Ad-hoc reporting provides users with the ability to design, execute and save custom reports. [Learn more]