Data Entry

Questys Capture

A forms processing software tool that will let you automate nearly any data entry process and output the data to your system. [Learn more]

Safenet DataSecure

For demanding processing environments, DataSecure offers the highest level of database and application security available. It features breakthrough performance, high availability, and streamlined implementation. Tokenization Manager can be employed for online credit card transactions or transmission of other sensitive data. Tokenization replaces sensitive data with tokens that preserve information formats and pr... [Learn more]

ScanVue DB

Image management software with data entry. [Learn more]

Sceris PAS

A robust process automation system that satisfies the needs of several industries. ScerIS PAS partially automates high volume data entry in Accounts Payable while providing two, three or even four way matches with the host accounting system. PAS allows for routing of invoices for approval prior to payment. PAS also archives images of the invoices for future retrieval. [Learn more]


IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture automates the input of paper documents to electronic content management (ECM) systems for organizations worlwide. Datacap, an IBM Company, has developed a unique rules-based architecture, which makes implementations of complex enterprise document capture applications faster and less costly than other capture solutions. Taskmaster works with all ECM systems, including IBM FileNet Con... [Learn more]