An on-demand channel compensation system for wireless carrier businesses with complex compensation requirements. [Learn more]


True global incentive management for large corporations with complex and varying incentive plans. [Learn more]

Gen4 Commission Management

Built-in support for group and individual lines of business, life-based and premium-based rules, support for global rules management and multiple splits per policy [Learn more]


Glocent's Incentive Compensation software precisely calculates incentive payments and manages compensation plans for sales teams. Glocent replaces spreadsheets and other internal systems and simplifies the often complex and arduous processes in your enterprise, making them more timely, accurate and easy to maintain. Plus tools to analyze profitability, a powerful data loading tool and limitless options to configur... [Learn more]


The GoalPost labor management system (LMS) is the best-in-class workforce performance management and incentive calculation software package for labor-intensive operations. Now in its fifth generation, GoalPost combines engineered labor standards, labor tracking, and incentive pay calculations with executive dashboards, effective coaching tools, state-of-the-art analytics, and user-specific custom reports to give m... [Learn more]