channelSUITE is a cloud-based application that makes managing a company's distribution channels simple. Its functions include:<br/> 1) keeping track of your distributions: who they are, what they sell, and the territories they cover. <br/> 2) directing traffic between your lead sources and distributions, and systematically follows the status of each lead.<br/> 3) A co-op reimbursement claims portal that automatic... [Learn more]

CMSapp Database

CMSapp is a common project-wide strategy and goal which will enable progressive verification of physical installation work, according to the design and Specification's, of equipment and systems. [Learn more]

Commission Calculator

An application capable of retrieving sales and invoice data directly from Quickbooks for commission calculations. [Learn more]

Commission Manager

Automate exceptions and data capture from clearing and back-office systems, gain payout-readiness for any branch, channel, or person. [Learn more]

Commission Planner

"What-If" sales commission analysis, compare to competitors, design profitable compensation plans, etc. [Learn more]