Classroom Management


Edsby blends secure social networking with advanced class & student management to create the world's best education engagement platform [Learn more]


Provides schools with the tools to create the most successful learning environment while maintaining budget and enhancing education. [Learn more]


Track class registration and histories, issue grades, credits, hours logged, print transcripts, wait lists, makeups, etc. [Learn more]


EMsync is a flexible, scalable solution for all of your education software needs. Saviance work methodology is strongly focused around playing the role of a business consultant, identifying possible potential areas for IT solutions, defining business goals and meeting them with technology based solutions, building modular, scalable and extensible IT solutions. Our experience in web applications and business proces... [Learn more]

EPEE Software for Teachers

EPEE is a non web based curriculum development and delivery framework that operates as a web based system when needed. EPEE allows for the easy delivery of curriculum files throughout a school or district. EPEE will evaluate your curriculum against your imported standards. Create curricula by drag and drop. Build lessons by inserting files from anywhere including online videos, files at the Dept of ED. or your dir... [Learn more]