Classroom Management

Curriculum Designer

A software program to assist school districts in building a continuum of objectives for K-12 students. [Learn more]

Curriculum Mapper

The Curriculum Mapper is the easiest way to create and edit your own curriculum maps. [Learn more]


The CyberExtension solution provides you with an easy to use and accessible blended-learning platform from which you can educate students without creating an out of touch feel between student and teacher. An education focused Virtual Managed Learning Environment (VMLE), combined with our project management services, we provide you with a system that meets the specific needs of your district, while eliminating many... [Learn more]


Cost effective, web-based LMS that enhances your campus and classrooms by providing a virtual interaction platform. [Learn more]

eDistrict Unified for K-12

eDistrict Unified is a fully-integrated, completely internet-based school administration and classroom management software suite designed to shatter the collaboration barriers between student, parent and teacher. The suite is composed of 17 distinct modules, each of which plugs seamlessly into our core Student Manager Module, which forms the backbone of the integrated system. Best of all, our system is priced on a... [Learn more]