Easy-to-use, full-featured medical billing software that completely integrates your financial, reporting and scheduling needs [Learn more]

Virtual Consultation

Powerful chiropractic software focused on patient education with interactive 3D models for chiropractors. [Learn more]

WonderDoc Chiropractic EHR

WonderDoc simplifies chiropractic EHR. With innovative ways to manage your practice, you will lower overhead, increase collections and improve patient care. Built by chiropractors for chiropractors, WonderDoc is more functional, efficient and powerful. The logical answer to maximizing your productivity - WonderDoc. [Learn more]


The WritePad Electronic Medical Reporting System is a full service randomized-text exam note and report generation system that can help a clinic become more efficient and cost effective, as well as more compliant with evolving Health Care Industry regulations. The WritePad EMR System is the flagship product of Addison Health Systems, currently used daily by over 4,500 doctors nationwide in various types of clinics... [Learn more]