Call Recording


Telephone call recording, screen capture and call center quality monitoring solution. [Learn more]


AVANSER's call tracking tools, allows you to know where calls are coming from and makes it easy to track your cost per lead in real time. Using 1300, 1800 or local numbers, you accurately capture the advertising source of every incoming call. Furthermore, for every call that is missed, AVANSER sends you an instant notification so you can call your prospect back before the sales lead goes cold. Real-time online rep... [Learn more]

Calabrio Call Recording

Calabrio provides a range of options for monitoring and recording calls to nurture the customer experience, control quality and protect the interest of the business: Call Recording, Live Voice and Screen Monitoring, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics. Regardless of the application, Calabrio offers: A modern Web-based interface, role-based access, and flexible and reliable architecture options. [Learn more]

Call Corder

Records telephone conversations directly to your hard disk with a single push of button. [Learn more]

Call Saver Pro

Call Saver Pro enables you to save, sort, and retrieve recordings of your phone calls on your computer. [Learn more]