Call Accounting

ABS 100

ABS 100 provides a low cost high performance CDR Processing, Billing, and Call Accounting System that Rates Wholesale, Departmental, Carrier, and Retail CDRs while also providing Network Optimization, Carrier Management, and Profit/Loss reports. The ABS 100 system also generates LCR Routing Data. It can compare multiple Carrier Rates and is a great platform for Wholesale Billing and Agent/Reseller Re-Billing. [Learn more]


AiOffice continues our 25 year tradition of excellence, by combining a comprehensive feature set with ease of use. Inexpensively & easily increase your staff productivity with automated & real time ACD style reporting, via the web. Available for all PBX platforms IP, digital or analog. Improve customer service, keep costs down, avoid lost productivity, maximize efficiency. Scalable from small to multi-site ente... [Learn more]

AnchorPoint Call Accounting

Take control of your voice and data network costs with AnchorPoint Call Accounting. Our software lets you allocate 100% of your expenses and process all your vendor invoices with a single call accounting application. With AnchorPoint Call Accounting you can gain control over telephone misuse, increase personal accountability, or allocate calling costs among departments and divisions. Plus, manage telecom equipmen... [Learn more]


Aradial products include a full-featured Converged Billing and AAA servers (RADIUS and Diameter). Aradial provides excellent performance and technological superiority. The solution offers billing integration for ISP, Wimax, LTE, Mobile and VoIP, HotSpot, wireless access, WiFi, WISP, ASP and mobile operators. Aradial's web-based interface ensures easy connectivity from anywhere and is coupled with a state server th... [Learn more]

Avotus ICM

The Avotus ICM platform offers total control over from Procurement to Payment. ICM e-Procurement gives users control of the supplier relationship by forcing carriers to compete. ICM Expense Management helps manage operational processes including inventory management, invoice validation and finance management. ICM Usage Management provides the information necessary to assess and proactively control usage of communi... [Learn more]