Broadcast Automation


Radio Automation Remote Control with Sonic for the simultaneous splitting of jingles, commercials, liners and news for each stream [Learn more]


Tool that allows any PC on a facility network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products. [Learn more]

Cinegy Workflow

An integrated, end-to-end, HD/SD, digital media production and management system. [Learn more]


Deltatrax is a unique system that can be used for both audio and video playback automation. Deltatrax is an affordable, yet complete automation system for both radiostations and television stations. Lots of broadcasters world wide rely on Deltatrax for their daily programming. Deltatrax is a complete and full-featured software package for automated broadcasting. It was designed to run on a stand-alone PC or in a n... [Learn more]


Basic function is to build play lists and organize and initiate the news and other live events associated with each play list. [Learn more]