Broadcast Automation


A playout application with an unmatched reliability and ease of use that clients occasionally leave unattended for three days at a time [Learn more]


A robust, flexible, proven Windows-based radio automation system, built by real broadcasters, used by real broadcasters. [Learn more]


The Audio Mixing Bus allows six mono outputs to be mixed independently using six inputs each. [Learn more]


Since 1991 we've supplied creation and content management software and support services to the demanding Broadcasting and Cable Television industries, specializing in local news and automated playback systems. More recently, we've developed our products and support to bring the same level of professionalism to the rapidly expanding Out of Home, Digital Signage industry. We now supply products and services into var... [Learn more]

AudioEnhance DPS

Includes fully searchable library for up to 20,000 tracks, scheduled playlists, and integrated internet radio station streaming. [Learn more]