Aviation Maintenance


ADSoftware is an IT company based in France, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Its team of specialists has developed a fleet management system and logistic package called AIRPACK which meets the needs of aircraft and helicopters operators, as well as MRO and CAMO centers. The strength of ADSoftware is the simplicity of its product (Microsoft Windows ready, Web-enabled, multilingual, 5 days training), its 24/7 on... [Learn more]


AirPax is geared toward Aircraft Parts Sales and FAA Repair Station Management. [Learn more]


Complete aircraft management solution including hardware, operating system, and licensing for users. [Learn more]


Low-cost inventory software solution for the aviation industry; supports Quickbooks and allows export to Excel. [Learn more]


Alkym represents a complete and one of the most cost effective solutions specially designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve performance, and maximize productivity, while enhancing growth and meeting future challenges. [Learn more]