Audits Management Software

Trusted since 1992, with over 700 clients and 600,000 users worldwide, Intelex's Audits Management Software application addresses all aspects critical to managing internal and external audit requirements. From planning audits, to identifying nonconformances, to the follow-up and tracking of corrective/preventive actions, this user-friendly, cost-effective solution guarantees year-round audit preparedness and subst... [Learn more]


Assists in the preparation and documentation of safety and environmental compliance audits. [Learn more]


Compliance audit and management system audit [Learn more]

BizFlow Compliance

With HandySoft's BizFlow Compliance application, companies significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the audit lifecycle on their Internal Controls. [Learn more]

BP Logix Process Director

100% Web-based workflow automation software. Automate and track your business processes using Process Director, the only product to introduce the dimension of time into Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Software. BP Logix offers both on-premise and Cloud-based solutions, providing users with the advanced, patented, capabilities they need to automate and track their business processes. No Programming! ... [Learn more]