B2B e-Auction Software

B2B e-Auction Software to enable companies to run both forward and reverse events. Sign up free to download guides and try it out. [Learn more]


HTML 5 real time auction and webcast software hosted in the cloud. A robust and complete solution for all online auctions, web auctions, and asset sales. Request a Demo today to see how bidlogix can help you to grow your business! [Learn more]

Business Auctions

A single seller auction system that provides ultimate branding, constant system enhancements and an extremely stable platform. The system is fully hosted in our data center with a track record of greater than 99.5% up time. Features are available for commercial auctioneers, collectibles dealers, charity events, advertising and promotional auctions and auctions for media outlets like radio, television or newspape... [Learn more]

Charity Auction Organizer

Manages the details of your auction and generates the forms and reports you need, including silent auction bid sheets. [Learn more]

Digital Fruit Penny Auction

Provides real-time pay per bid auction platforms, also known as penny auctions. [Learn more]