Application Performance Management


Easy-to-use application performance management software that monitor and optimize performance of your critical applications. [Learn more]

Application Management 2.0

Uses web 2.0 concepts like streaming, collaboration and user-generated content for managing networked application service levels - right down to the specific end-user. [Learn more]


Get the confidence you need with NRG Global's high performance, affordable availability monitoring, performance monitoring and load testing solutions. NRG Global sets the bar for highly affordable, user-centric testing solutions. You'll be able to ensure the readiness of all your applications before they go live and make sure they keep performing as expected long after deployment. [Learn more]


Software for troubleshooting, diagnosing and reporting on the health, performance and availability of Windows. [Learn more]

AppQoS Live!

A application response time monitoring solution that issues alerts when application performance falls below acceptable levels, Also offers a satellite view where you can see where the issue is and the ability to drill down to enable troubleshooting. Application monitoring from iTrinegy comes in two guises: a Live CD! that temporarily takes over any 64 bit machine and when done just needs to re-boot to go back to ... [Learn more]