Active Directory Management

.Net Active Directory Wrapper Plus

A Visual Studio solution with a wrapper class that facilitates access and control of Active Directory functions from VB.Net or C# code. [Learn more]

Active Administrator

Active Administrator is an enterprise-class Active Directory management and auditing solution. [Learn more]

Active Directory Janitor

Use Active Directory Janitor to cleanup AD accounts and increase your security and general network performance [Learn more]

Active Directory Management Solutions

Secure management tools for Active Directory and unique solutions for automation and provisioning, compliance and audits, security, disaster recovery, mergers and acquisitions, and directory consolidation with Unix. [Learn more]

Active Directory Manager

Single UI to work with all aspects of Active Directory ranging from, Users, groups etc till Schema. Multiple bulk add/edit/delete options and extensive Reporting Capabilities. Has been awarded "Gold Award" by WindowsNetworking [Learn more]